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Okay, Dick is all about penis size and health. The site offers natural enlargement programs with exercises to increase penis length and girth, and improve sexual fitness and stamina. All is free, and permanently.

Dick's members regularly report back on penis size and performance improvements of the free enlargement programs. From the success stories comes this effective workout plan. If you're a dude with some time on your hands, just sign up to get growing.

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Dick's free workout programs are proven successful and your best bet to safely achieve great results in the least amount of time. Penisbuilding injuries mostly happen during the first few weeks as a result of joyfully pushing too far, too fast. So take this advice: stick to the workouts and take the scheduled rest days.


Every seven program days, a Shape Report pops up on your to-do list. In this short survey you report any changes in penis health and performance over the past days. Male enhancement is not just a pleasant side effect of penis enlargement exercises, it also indicates if one is on the right track with the current program.


On the first program day you measure penis length and girth, and fill-out a Size Report. After four weeks you'll get a friendly reminder to repeat that process. Any growth in size; you've won a prize! And all this free of charge, but not free of effort. Growing penis is hard work and takes blood, sweat, and microtears.

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